Jeetah Consulting Ltd specialises in project management, which includes planning all aspects of a client's project from design through to implementation.

We conduct feasibility studies and impact analysis reports taking into consideration all technical, financial, logistical, legal and environmental considerations in the planning phase of the project.

In the design phase, we look at all systems, processes and building and/or civil structures to ensure the client receives the best possible solution for their project.

The actual implementation of the project involves day-to-day monitoring of all the project's complex programmes and contracts, including managing processes and material to stay within agreed timescales and budgets.

Excellent communication between the client, contractors, planning and other regulatory bodies ensures that project issues are minimal and resolved through effective negotiation and collaborative problem solving by the whole team. Where litigation issues may arise, Jeetah Consulting Limited will work with appropriate bodies to resolve disputes

Our Project Management services

 Prepare client’s brief and develop project strategy

 Co-ordinate the preparation of viability studies

 Liaise with funding institutions, marketing agents, Publicising agents, legal agents, etc to obtain all necessary information to conduct feasibility studies

 Advise client the need for and make recommendations for the appointment of other consultants

 Establish management structure and prepare Project Procedures Manual
 Prepare consultant’s brief and Co-ordinate with other consultants

 Devise project programme and documentation schedule

 Monitor and control the design development and process

 Select procurement strategies and prepare procurement schedule

 Co-ordinate the preparation of tender documentation

 Advise on short listing of contractors

 Co-ordinate the evaluation of tenders and report to client

 Participate in the selection and negotiation process

 Monitor and control the construction works and progress

 Monitor and control the cost plan

 Advise the client in relation to the appointment of the contractors, nominated sub-contractors, nominated suppliers, direct contractors ,direct suppliers, ctc

 Co-ordinate with the consultants, contractors and suppliers associated with the project for the timely completion of the project and to the quality standards

 Appraise the client in the progress of the project implementation and problems arising therein

 Seek approval from the client on any matters affecting the cost of the project

 Conduct management meetings on regular intervals

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